Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Information Technology is being increasingly recognized as an important tool for efficiency gains by the Corporate Sector and “smart mobility” has evolved into a key accelerant for growth and cross-industry adaptation of transformational technology megatrends for the top 100 global technology companies. Among the developing economies, Pakistan is emerging as a leader in providing an efficient IT talent pool. Our Company is gearing up to help optimize this new technological trend with capable talent from Pakistan.

Ziafat hussain - Techsasoft

Ziafat Hussain
(POP – Presidential Pride Of Performance)

Chairman, Techsasoft Inc.

 In today’s active and distinctive industry landscape, success is not reliant on only regular principles; rather, it necessitates distinctive and keener business tactics that attain healthier business quality. Your business would need a partner with international knowledge and world-class workforce that can benefit you in accomplishing your business objectives. We at Techsasoft, provide our customers and partners with the correct tools, assets and maintenance they require to be successful. We specialize in technology centered business consultancy. Regardless of your company proportions, we will offer you with our best assets to achieve full value out of your investments on technology.
The pursuit of excellence and dedication to social well-being are always our never-changing aspirations from the very beginning, our truest belief and most overwhelming emotion. With our hearts deeply rooted in such aspirations, our faith firmly anchored in such propositions, our sentiments fostered around such emotions and our actions upon such a belief, nothing could stand in the growth path of a thriving and prospering Techsasoft.